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A.L. Adams Construction’s origin dates back to a simpler time—when a man’s purpose was to create a life on his terms. Having a family and enterprising nature ultimately led the way to create a means to build and support his will through dedication and hard work. The past paves way to the future and what A.L. Adams created in the active years of his time still resonates today.


With a civil engineering degree and then attending OCS in Newport, Rhode Island, young A.L. Adams entered the Navy as a ____________ on a Destroyer. Perhaps his time at sea offered reflection and the understanding that the military lifestyle wasn’t going to satisfy his ultimate life goals. After three years of service, he was released from active duty, and began his transition into civilian life. He began his career working for a paving company, who at the time was working on the Jacksonville airport. It is during this time, that his life began to take shape. He met his future wife and established a means from which he could build on. He married his wife in 1967 and had their first child shortly thereafter. It was then that the calling of his own devices began to take hold and in 1969, A.L. decided to take his life into his own hands and start A.L Adams Construction.


“If you are not willing to fail spectacularly, then you wouldn’t be able to be successful either.” -A.L. Adams


A.L. Adams Construction radiated its influence from Augusta outward, creating many buildings and projects from the Augusta area all the way to Rock Hill, South Carolina. The projects were primarily, industrial, manufacturing or institutional in nature and spanned the course of 21 years until it was sold to MB Kahn in 1990, where A.L. maintained a transitional position until 1995.


Today, it is the hopes of the current iteration of A.L. Adams Construction to continue the legacy and virtue of the strong personality that built upon its own volition to create and effectively make better the communities that he served.

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